Phillip Plant – Partner

Phillip Plant, a partner in Herndon Plant Oakley Ltd., began his career in 1970 with Rotan Mosle in San Antonio, Texas. In 1976 Phil moved to Corpus Christi to join Rotan Mosle office as Office Manager. In 1985, subsequent to the sale of Rotan Mosle, he moved to Rauscher, Pierce Refsnes, and there he established a relationship with his current partners while serving as Senior Vice President and Branch Manager. In 1998 the three partners formed Herndon Plant Oakley Ltd.

Phillip Plant holds a B.A. in economics from St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, and has more than 44 years of experience in the investment industry. Mr. Plant has extensive knowledge and skill in working with large family corporate offices, family wealth management, private corporate financing, selection of money managers and total asset review and advisement. He also has extensive experience working with foundations, both public and private.

Phillip Plant, focuses on money management and asset allocation techniques that are contemporary with investment requirements. Due to the nature of his clientele and their need for individualized services and customer support, he employs a staff of five committed professionals.

As part of HPO’s on-going dedication to personal service for the individual or family in an accumulated wealth position, the following comprehensive, sophisticated financial planning services are offered.

Client Services

Net Worth Analysis

Offer clients in accumulated wealth positions a complete Net Worth Analysis including extensive estate, investment family enterprise and cash flow evaluation.


Monitor and review growth plans carefully offering each client detailed, quarterly reports, with the ultimate goal being consistency of return.

Estate Plan Evaluation

Present each client with an in-depth analysis of their comprehensive estate plan reflecting long-term implications.

Money Manager Selection

Selection of individual Money Managers whose expertise compliments each client’s long-term goals.

Estate Tax Considerations

Evaluate all estate tax considerations based on detailed estate plan.

Trust and Family Partnerships

Determine need to create family partnerships, trusts and reserve accounts.


Offer clients individualized, quarterly reports.

Retirement Plans

Manage client retirement accounts including 401-K plans.

Asset Growth

Creation of targeted, individualized asset growth requirements.