Brent Herndon – Partner

Brent Herndon, partner in Herndon Plant Oakley, has been in the investment business since 1969, beginning his career that same year with Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith. In 1985 Mr. Herndon joined Rauscher, Pierce Refsnes, Inc. as a vice president, and simultaneously formalized his relationship with his long-term partners.

With more than 44 years of investment experience, a B.A. in Social Sciences and Economics and a Masters in Finance from Southern Methodist University, Brent Herndon has a wealth of knowledge, insight and experience to offer his clients. That knowledge, coupled with his attention to detail and emphasis on communication are what continue to bring Mr. Herndon and his clients through the strong as well as the challenging times in the financial world.

Brent Herndon is committed to building long-term relationships. That is abundantly clear by his extensive list of clients developed during his career – clients he consults with daily as they continue to invest in and grow their mutual funds, municipal bonds and blue chips stock opportunities.

“What could be a better investment than owning some of the best-managed companies in the world, having them selected for you by some of the best money managers in the world, owning those companies in a broadly-diversified format, and allowing your ownership in those companies to grow and compound in value over time.”

~ Brent Herndon