Establishing & Managing Your

Retirement Plans

Long Term Asset Growth For

Net Worth Building

Thorough Investment

Analysis & Management

Brent Herndon

A financial advisor offering comprehensive advisory and money management services, including net worth building, retirement plans, stock/bond research and more.

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Phillip Plant

A knowledgeable investor with extensive experience working with large family corporate offices and foundations. He selects money managers to complement each client’s goals.

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Ted Oakley

A certified financial planner focused on investment advice and money management. He provides individualized planning and customized portfolio management for his clients.

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The Company We Keep

Since 1985 when Brent Herndon, Phillip Plant and Ted Oakley formed their original partnership, they knew the company they were creating was one they planned to keep. They set out to create an investment company in the purest sense, meaning their commitment to their clients and their business would be designed to provide success for the long term. To that end, they thoughtfully and methodically developed their plan, set their goals and made their investment – investing in themselves, their business and their clients.

That is the basis on which Herndon Plant Oakley, one of the most established firms in Texas, was founded and is what the company is all about – investing for the long term. For these three partners, there is no doubt that their business and how they serve their clients has and always will be a daily reflection of their continuous commitment, their sound, conservative thinking and their dedication to the company they keep.

The Clients We Serve

Headquartered in Texas, Herndon Plant Oakley serves their clients each day throughout Texas, the US and around the world on a personal, individualized basis. With a broadly-based, well trained, knowledgeable and experienced staff working side-by-side with each partner, the financial needs and expectations of every client are analyzed and focused upon to shape the most productive results possible for today, tomorrow and years into the future.